How to apply for Convenio Especial

Nov. 6, 2017 Stuart Ross

How Do I Purchase the 'Convenio Especial'?

This scheme is managed by each autonomous region of Spain, so application rules may vary from region to region. In most cases, applications may be made at your local Social Security Office. Before you can apply, applicants will need to be resident in Spain for at least one year and not be in receipt of any UK health cover. If you need written proof that you are not covered by the UK, request a 'Legislation Letter' from the Overseas Healthcare Team on (+44) 191 218 1999.

Several readers have told me that they have experienced difficulty in communicating their requirements to local officials, who have been less than helpful. Whether or not this is a reaction following Brexit, I suggest that unless you have reasonable Spanish, you take a fluent Spanish speaker to the office with you. Alternatively, using a gestor to help may be a reliable and good value alternative.

The scheme is currently available in the following regions; please click on the appropriate link:

Castilla y León